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Welcome to Pixel Huggers

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The Cycles Network
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Do you feel lost when trying to market your business online?

Well think of us as your compass. Our business is driven by results. If you are a local small business, then you know that it becomes more difficult to compete every day.

  • There are enormous, consolidated corporations entering your niche market.
  • Advertising costs are steadily going up year after year, while several advertising methods are yielding less results than prior years.
  • Real Estate costs are inflating at obnoxious amounts.
  • Products and services are being outsourced for a fraction of what you charge.

The goes on and on, but basically running a successful business is just getting harder and harder.

Online Marketing is your salvation.

  • There are low barriers to entry.
  • Your advertising dollars go a long way.
  • It saves you time and money.
Take a look at some of our work and if you like what see, then you will love the results you get.


- The Pixel Huggers Team


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